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EPICO – more than a consultancy firm

Is your company equipped to keep up with the IT race?

By 2030, companies in Denmark will experience a talent-shortage of more than 19,000 IT specialists, and it will become increasingly more difficult to find the right IT profile.

EPICO identifies, qualifies and delivers freelance IT consultants and recruits for project employment for both large and small companies throughout the Nordics and parts of Europe.

We are experts in finding the experts, and we can therefore equip and strengthen your company's position in securing the skills and knowledge needed!


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Looking for an IT consultant?

Whether you are in need of a specific IT resource, IT competency or a sparring partner, we are sure we can help you.

Our network consists of skilled IT consultants – senior and junior and everything in between – and we can provide competencies within all IT technologies, areas and industries in the short and long term.

Are you a consultant looking for your next IT job?

Are you a consultant, or are you considering becoming one? At EPICO, we have a solid network of clients and thus constantly have exciting new projects within IT.

For us, the personal connection, and your development and well-being are incredibly important, and our most important task is to find the right match between you and our clients.

It is a fluid labor market with a battle for IT resources

The right match

- we can deliver the exact IT profile(s) you need


- we can deliver the right person quickly


- we can deliver many IT profiles quickly

Trusted advisor

- we know the IT industry, we know the consultants, and we know the challenges and solutions to IT resource- and competency shortages

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