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EPICO has committed itself to comply with and report on the fundamental principles within human rights, labor rights, environment and anti-corruption.

Since 2017, EPICO-IT has been a proud member of UN's Global Compact.
2017 was the year EPICO changed its name from Miracle Buddyshop to EPICO-IT, a marking of EPICO'S own identity and independence as an organization, which is why we chose to become a member of UN Global Compact.

We are an active member of UN Global Compact, the world's largest non-profit association, which works towards getting organizations to adapt their strategies towards the ten principles within human rights, labor rights, anti-corruption and the environment.

Annually, we have chosen to commit ourselves to report on the principles, which is why we submit a 'Communication on Progress' report, which explains how we take on our responsibility within the ten principles as well as communicates progress and new actions in this regard. We are a proud member of the wide network of more than 15,000 companies in more than 162 countries, which wish to influence the collective impact on sustainability.

Read EPICO's recent COP report from 2021.


The mission of UN Global Compact is to mobilize a global movement of responsible organizations with the aim to create a better world. UN Global Compact does this based on ten fundamental principles, which all organizational members of Global Compact commit themselves to comply with. The principles provide a common ethical and practical framework for corporate responsibility and are based on international conventions and agreements.

UN's Global Compact is the world's largest voluntary initiative for responsible organizations and sets a common framework for communication about organizations' progress and commitment within responsible corporate governance. With more than 500 members, Global Compact Network Denmark is the largest Danish network for responsible organizations. The network is business-driven, but also engage in the civil society, public institutions and other stakeholders to mobilize more organizations to work with business-driven social responsibility for the benefit of both society and business.

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The diversity pledge

Perhaps you have heard about The diversity pledge already? We have - and for this reason we have signed the pledge, as it is a natural extension of our current work on diversity.

The diversity pledge is an initiative launched by Confederation of Danish industry (DI), where Danish organizations by signing the pledge commit themselves to working with a number of principles on diversity, which set the ground for a strategic and target-oriented work aiming at strengthening diversity, inclusion and equality in Danish business. In that way we can move faster in a joint direction, where we are competitive and innovative and jointly live up to our social responsibility.

We consider all talents as equals and we believe that our differences make us creative, sharp and inclusive. Diversity should never be limiting in terms of choosing an education or candidates for jobs - including top positions. 

At EPICO, we have an ESG department led by Karin Van Deurs. We have a special focus working on diversity internally at EPICO, but also externally when working with our consultants and clients.

By signing the pledge, we have become part of a growing network of Danish organizations, which share industry-specific advice, tools and inspiration on how to increase diversity and inclusion in the work place. We are incredibly excited to be part of this community, where we are able to make a difference in Danish business.

Read more about our work on diversity in our COP report here.

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EPICO supports Coding Pirates

Together with Coding Pirates, we stand behind Coding Pirates' summer camp 2023. Five days filled with learning, presentations, workshops and lots of joy - all centered around IT.

But who are Coding Pirates? They are a non-profit organization with incredibly passionated volunteers, who work towards spreading creativity within IT among children and young people, who are between 7-17 years old. They do so through events and activities initiated by IT-professionals, teachers, programmers, researchers and entrepreneurs.

We are incredibly happy to be a supporting partner to Coding Pirates. We believe they do a great job embracing children and young people in their curiosity, learning and development within IT technology, while at the same time creating strong relationships and jointly empowering themselves for the future.

Coding Pirates can always use more volunteers, so if you want to become part of their incredible community and work with children and young people, sign up as a volunteer here.

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Karin Van Deurs
Head of Commercial Management and ESG

Phone: +45 23 81 84 55