EPICO IT has made it easy for growing companies to find skilled software developers and testers

In just 12 months, EPICO has helped Danish growth company eloomi build an extra development department consisting of 10 people in Poland, which can be expanded quickly.

Kenneth Granno from eloomi is not short on offers from companies that want to help him find qualified developers and testers to support the company’s growth plans. Every single week, offers pour in.

And he does need help. The six-year-old company, which has over 100 employees today and helps international companies train and develop employees through an online learning and performance platform, wants to double its number of employees.

Therefore, eloomi continuously needs to add more qualified software developers for both front-end, back-end and Q&A.


“Scaling up our development resources and finding people with the right skills is a challenge in Copenhagen, where we have our head office and where all development of our core product and design take place, “Kenneth Granno says, Vice President of Product & Tech at eloomi.

Finds the skills in Poland

The solution to his challenges has come from the consultancy firm EPICO in the form of a nearshoring solution based on resources in Poland.

“During the needs analysis, we had good chemistry with EPICO. They speak a language we understand, and they have a good concept, namely to find a number of suitable candidates in Poland, and then we handle interviews and tests. In this way, we ensure that we get people with the right mindset, culture and personality, people who fit into our organisation and who are good at problem solving, ”Kenneth Granno says.

The collaboration with EPICO began twelve months ago. So far, the result has been that eloomi has built a solid development team in Poland of just over ten people.

On EPICO’s recommendation, the position of tech lead was filled before the other profiles were hired for the office in Poland.

From the beginning, it has been a prerequisite that large parts of the collaboration would take place online, and as many companies have gradually found out, you can easily build an effective and successful collaboration virtually:

We have established a fairly close collaboration between the two locations. Every morning, an online meeting is held, where the day’s projects are discussed, and during the day, communication via Discord is plentiful. So, it works really well. “But we also look forward to being able to shake the hands of our new Polish colleagues when this becomes possible again,

“Kenneth Granno says.

Skilled developers

The collaboration with EPICO has gone really well and made it possible for eloomi to connect new developers with the right competencies in a short time, while also getting people who fit into the company’s way of working.

“We wouldn’t have been able to line up so many suitable candidates in such a short time. That was clearly EPICO’s achievement. And because the developers are employed by EPICO and based in Poland, we do not have to find extra premises ourselves, and we do not have to commit to a lot of extra fixed costs, which can potentially be a burden to get out of, ”Kenneth Granno says.

He is pleasantly surprised by the number of qualified graduates in Poland and their high professional level.

“Culturally, the consultants are similar to us in many ways. They are quality-oriented, have a high work ethic and are happy to speak their minds. This means there is a good collaboration between the departments which ultimately ensures that we get a better end product that lives up to the standards that we set for ourselves,” he states.

Kenneth Granno also sees the geographical proximity of Poland to Denmark as a plus in relation to creating a common corporate culture:

When we arrange a social activity, such as playing Counter-Strike, our Polish colleagues can easily join in because we do not have to take time differences into account. And when COVID-19 is over, it will be easy to visit each other again

How eloomi and EPICO work together

  • In the early stages of the collaboration, a lot of time was spent getting to know each other, as a personal and close contact between EPICO and eloomi provides the best foundation for being able to select the right consultant profiles.
  • Today, the process is that eloomi sends an enquiry to EPICO, after which both parties decide on the need and specify specific competencies and experience levels for the role that eloomi demands.
  • For example, these may be junior developers, tech leads or a combination of these.
  • EPICO then utilises its unique network and large CV database with qualified candidates to be able to present a number of profiles to eloomi that match the search criteria.
  • Once eloomi has selected the people they want to talk to, EPICO books interviews with the candidates. eloomi hold these interviews themselves.
  • If there is a need to see additional candidates, EPICO presents more candidates for eloomi to interview.

Skrevet af Jacqueline Juntermanns