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Who we are

From our office in Warsaw, EPICO can provide IT consulting teams of all sizes, including, for example, developers, testers, supporters and much more. We offer flexible services that are tailored to your wishes.

Our dedicated local team based in Poland are experts in finding the best consultants and have built a far-reaching network in Poland over a long time. In combination with EPICO’s strong presence in Denmark, we are in a unique position to match local expertise and know-how with your needs. Once the right candidates have been found, EPICO will take care of all the practicalities so that you and the consultants can focus on your business.

We believe that the best partnership arises in close co-operation between all parties involved – and we are flexible in every way, from price to work setup and the constellation of teams and resources. We offer skilled IT consultants who are dedicated and who you can trust. We believe that a good partnership is based on two things:

  1. How integrated our consultants feel in your company, and
  2. How satisfied you are with them – and that’s how we measure our success.

Why consultants from Poland will benefit your business, both now and in the future

The demand in Denmark for educated and skilled IT graduates is only increasing. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find and retain skilled Danish employees, while the need for IT talents continues to grow. 

At EPICO, we have seen potential in looking for skilled IT profiles beyond Danish borders. More specifically in Poland, and there are many good reasons for this:

  • Poland is geographically close to Denmark, making it easy and fast for both you and consultants to travel back and forth, should this be necessary.
  • The Polish educational system and work-mindset is very similar to Denmark, meaning you get competent and skilled IT-consultants, who speak English very well, ensuring easy, open, and honest communication
  • The cost level of an IT consultant is typically at less than half the rate of a similar profile in Denmark
  • The IT workforce in Poland is much larger than the Danish, which means there is a larger number of skilled candidates to choose from
  • Our consultants in Poland live up to the same high standards that we set for all our consultants across EPICO i.e., skills, experience, and personality, ensuring that you get the same high quality as in Denmark